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Bathrobespierre's Broadsides 04/15/21 Recap This is a summation of the broadcast. They are not direct quotes of anyone, but rather they are my understanding of what was said. Edit corrections are welcome in the comment section. Thank you, Ursula Reed.
ROBERT Reads the Counterpunch Article: The Murder of Dante Wright Ruined Derik Shovan Show Trial By A Jammu Baraka organizer Black Alliance for Peace and the running mate for Greenpeace Presidential Candidate Jill Stein
The U.S. was going to render justice with the trial of Derik Shovan when another young black man in the area where George Floyd was murdered. How cheap lives are as black people are gunned down in murderous violence at the heart of the racist law enforcers. Many murders of black people have happened without bringing the police perpetrators to justice. Caught on video the George Floyd snuff film, there is no denying the brutal murder. The killings are continuing. Black people need to self-govern. The price to get others to respect our civil rights is death. Have to be ready to die. We will let people know how peaceful we are. We will let people know how well-being we are. We will let the people know how law-biding we want to be. But if the murders continue, we will blow the world sky high.
San Lorenzo Park 04/12/21 interviews: The benchlands campers were ordered to move to the SLP while the city cleans it to get ready for the SLP campers to move to.
ROBERT Interviews park members: Why won't they give the money to you? What is the name of the bank? How is life in the park? I need to go to the Benchlands. I talk a woman who was part of the occupy movement. She comes and helps clean the park. I asked her about needles. She said there was a variety of ways they dealt with needles. Sometimes they are put in bottles. Sometimes they are on the ground with bent tips; Sometimes, they are in garbage cans. Benchland, not many notices posted visibly. Fewer tents than years ago. 6 tents and former sites and about another 6 tents. Any city officials? Any signs posted move out by 9;00 am. Have people been moving out? Hey, Keith, have you seen any papers posted that people have to move out. Robert to a man, are you here with NOMAD? Hey Cat, with a red star, are you here to help? 25 tents between the county and the Duck Pond. Water stations work Porta-potty doesn't smell bad. Things look clean. Homeless of the Union notice Don't be fooled by the city to evacuate. A temporary move to SLP, then you can return to Benchlands. Not being forced out of the Benchlands. Tents around Bocci Court. 3 or 4 tents couple of dogs.
Steven Whitman: I have thousands of dollars in the bank, and the bank won't give it to me. They won't give me my money because the strip on my card isn't working. They want to send me a card to an address I haven't lived at in years. Co-America Direct Express. I need to get a lawyer and sue file a lawsuit. I'm broke. I don't sleep here. I come to play my guitar.
WOMAN: No, people haven't been moving out yet. They are waiting to see if they will be made to move.
KEITH MC HENRY: No, nothing has been posted. I got the original notice. I called them and said fuck off. We said we would challenge it in court. The Notice was to vacate. Somebody came from the city and photographed this. Then we were told we were going to be shut down because we were a nuisance.
MAN: I am here to help the people move if they want to move. I am not with any group.
CAT: I am here to help people move. Yeah, I am a Marxist. this is for a coffee collective.
MAN: We have rabbits and squirrels and a Cheetah.
Music Breaks: Daryl Churney, Album They Don't Make Hippies Like They Used to song Potter Vally Mill / Earth First Made
Back to TentTabling Pacific Ave 04/11/21
ROBERT interviewing Curtis Ruliford: His Truck and Trailer bound to Native American Nations, How is the COVID emergency on the Reservations? How long have you been doing this? Are the police still harassing you? I would be careful of the police chief.
CURTIS: My message, I respect you, Rob, and what you do. I drive this peace train truck, a black man in a white world. I promote peace, love, and compassion. And I take supplies to the Native American Reservations I am at My book Madness to Surrender. After I got home, I heard Covid killed 11 people. They are getting it hard. I have been doing this for 16 years doing it on faith. Caring and Sharing, we are on this earth together. I had 20 tickets for promoting peace. I got a smoke ticket for sage, not pot. It took me years of community service to work it off. I got the keys to the city. The police chief said he loved me. Police or not, we are all just humans doing the best we can on our own path. Either you choose the good path, or you choose the bad path.
WOMAN: I have known Curtis for 16 years. We were both at Katrina, me as a Red Cross worker, he did different work. He is an excellent person. We both work for the goodness of human beings.
LRT: From Oakland. I was part of the Korean situation I lived in Japan. I speak Spanish. Santa Cruz has treated me well. I play Saxophone on the streets and in Europe. Curtis is one of the finest men there is.

City Council Meeting 04/13/21.
Closed Session 8:30 am on Zoom. Robert called in. He spoke of the Lawsuit with Homeless Union against the City Manager. Fire the City Manager who caused this expensive fiasco. Your false humanitarian words do not hide your hostile homeless policies—false narratives for real housing. The closed sessions need transparency to the public. He cited the Chico lawsuit that stopped all the homeless sweeps and banned anti-homeless laws. This lawsuit bears on the SC homeless policies. He urged the city to stop the abuses against the homeless. He thanked the community for listening.
ROBERT Reads his Indybay article and comments on the actions being made in Santa Cruz by the Santa Cruz Homeless Union and ACLU: Chico Shines A Light But Activists Here Must Do the Heavy Lifting by Robert Norse
Chico Comanche Creek Greenway Homeless lawsuit against the city of Chico. It stopped the Greenway eviction. It stops the homeless encampment sweeps city-wide by a federal court order TRO. Due to lack of shelter and no alternative campgrounds. Not just during the COVID emergency, as is the Santa Cruz. The Chico lawsuit. It Stopped the enforcement of all municipal codes regarding the homeless. It also banned the panhandling law and protects the people that are homeless' property from police seizure, even those valuing less than a hundred dollars. Hopefully, the TRO will become an injunction that leads to a law that upholds the TRO ruling. And that ruling will affect the current laws and the impending unconstitutional and extreme cruelty of the TOLO Temporary Outdoor Living Ordinance.
The Homeless Union and ACLU lawyers need to awaken to the Human Rights of the homeless and bring lawsuits against the government authorities that enforce unfair laws. ACLU is doing less than the Homeless Union who gathers declarations of damage since the disbanding of Ross Camp. Because they can't get permission from the head of the CA ACLU, the North Reginal ACLU. What is needed is a Lawsuit that can get a permanent injunction that will protect the rights and belongs of the poor who live outside and fulfillment of real safe housing, parking, and camping. Will our lawyers take on the challenge.
Thanks to Anthony Prince and Alicia Kuhl, the SLP injunction stopped the police from moving the Homeless people from the park with a Temporary Restraining Order based solely on the dangerous COVID conditions and CDC guidelines. It threatens the health and well-being of everyone. The cruelty of moving them in the dead of winter In the second hearing, the city got permission to move the SLV campers to the Benchlands. First, the Benchland campers needed to be moved to SLP so that the Benchlands could be cleaned. What has not been brought up in the Santa Cruz lawsuit is the lies and false promises for adequate shelter and mythical housing the city has made in the past.
If the campers refuse to move, they will be banned from the park. Even in the Benchlands, there is no security. Because the case is only based on COVID and the belief that shelter is adequate. In the new city managed Benchland Campground. A strict Code of Conduct is proposed that the general public would find oppressive. Cut off of out-of-town funding is resulting in the closing of temporary shelters and campgrounds.
Bubbling under the surface is the ever-present threat of having to get rid of the homeless. Not by providing real housing. But by unseen menacing, new ways of creating legal language to get around existing laws such as Martin vs. Boise protect the homeless. New ways to exact cruelty It is disconcerting.
Many people in vehicles cannot use safe parking because of restrictive rules, a safe camping zone, safe sleeping zones, and safe parking. We need real solutions.
The involvement of the housed and unhoused community is needed again to join together in standing up against unfair laws that undermine the safety and security of the poor and most vulnerable members of Santa Cruz, the homeless campers. Come to the Red Chuch at 5:00 pm Friday 04/16/21 for a Resistance Meeting.
Back to the Monday 04/12/21 San Lorenzo Interviews:
Robert checking out what is happening in the benchlands with the court order to move to the San Lorenzo Park while the Benchlands is being cleaned in preparation for a full move of the campers in San Lorenzo Park, including the displaced Benchland Campers. (At the time of the broadcasts, Robert heard the Benchland Campers moved to San Lorenzo Park as ordered by the Federal Court Judge Von Keulen).
ROBERT Interviews Cooper: It looks like there are fewer tents. How many people will really stay when confronted by police. Cooper has more to say
COOPER: There is no room for the Benchland campers in upper SLP. There are fewer tents because of the rain pooling in the open area. Our Freedom Campers will not go into the Concentration Camps and the micro-management. No one will move to the Benchlands. I think something great is happening again. The COPS must be rolling their eyes with the insane things they are asked to do. The Courts are making money by incarcerating innocent people. It is Profiteering. We are in World War 3 coming through to you through your TV set. No COVID shot for me. With COVID, it has increased homelessness. We are killing ourselves. There are two COPS in mask patroling. We are going to see true justice.
I Believe in everyone's voices being heard. That is why you are hearing them here. You will be able to hear them again on Sunday.

*** end 04/15/2021 ***

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